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Five years ago we took our passionate pursuit of responsible firearm ownership from a hobby, to the market. Our business, Guys and Gals at Arms, is a gun store that specializes in conceal carry classes for all individuals interested in the tactical, legal and situational variables of self defense. Proud supporters of the Second Amendment, we realized that, often times, gun ownership carries a stigma that we would like to help mitigate. We at Guys and Gal at Arms focus on the legal, ethical, and safe use of firearms for those that wish to exercise their constitutional rights to bear arms both through personal protection and sport. 

Proud Oklahomans, our goal is to create and nurture an environment that removes the fear involved with first time gun ownership for both men and women alike. Additionally, the business is just as likely to be able to satisfy the needs of seasoned gun owners and enthusiasts. Subsequently, our business aspires to assist in removing the weighty stigma of gun ownership that the media often rubber stamps on the people's right to protect themselves. We'd like to promote the responsible understanding of self-protection by offering an array of personal protection hardware and associated accessories to compliment each individual. We also offer unintimidating personal, and group classes for men and women alike, to assist the individual comply with state and federal laws in their journey to competent firearm ownership.

Beyond just a gun store, Guys and Gals at Arms also offers accessories and apparel that appeal to both men and women alike. You are just as likely to find the perfect conceal carry gun as you are to find the stylish and practical carrying case to accompany it. 

We truly appreciate our customers and our community, so we would ask you to give us a shot if you've ever been interested in gun sports or personal protection. 

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