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Basic Gun Safety Class

Basic Gun Fundamentals and Safety is designed for the beginning shooter as well as anyone who may have some experience with a handgun, but has never learned the fundamentals of handgun safty in the correct manner. 


Basic Gun Fundamentals and Safety, students learn the rules for safe gun handling.  Students will learn the operation of both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. They will learn the different parts of both types of pistols and their operation.  They will be taught the different types of ammunition and the manner in which ammunition functions.   Students will also learn how to safely clean their pistol and responsibly store their firearms in their home or vehicle.

As for live fire training, students will learn shooting fundamentals and range safety rules. 

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SDA Concealed Carry Class

The Oklahoma Self Defense Act Class is required before you apply for your Oklahoma carry permit. This is an eight-hour course, which includes one-hour of range time, for mandated shooting proficiency and safe handling of a fire arm. While course material and safe gun-handling are our number one priority, we attempt to make this class as comfortable as possible for everyone in an unintimidating environment. We believe the only stupid question is the one unasked, and gladly review information until it is fully understood. This class requires a baseball-type cap, eye protection and ear protection that must be worn at the qualification shoot. A test is required at the conclusion of the class, but all the information required for the test will be covered carefully!

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Gun Fitting Class

One of the biggest decisions a carrier will make is the pistol they choose to carry.  Guys and Gals make it simple.  We make available 10-15 of the most common conceal carry hand guns on the market.  The student will handle each pistol and decide which firearms feel most comfortable to them.  The student will narrow their choice to 5 pistols. These 5 firearms will be fired two or three times in an attempt to narrow the decision to their top two pistols.  Once their top two have been established, each gun will be fired multiple times (up to 50 rounds) until the student is comfortable with their final decision and THEIR perfect firearm has been selected.

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